Almon Gunter Motivates

al•mon gun•ter

/ä(l)mən, ˈɡən(t)ər/


1. to change lives like a no-fluff force of nature.

2. a real-talk, superfreak way to a fuller life.

Success takes what it takes. It’s going to take hard work. Almon learned this through his journey through the Olympic Trials landing as the 13th fastest man for 200 meters. Lucky for us, we all have greatness in us. For Almon, it’s about maximizing someone’s potential in every person that comes within his reach. That’s why he focuses on helping with their foundation and understanding their value. He is here to serve others and inspire action. What do you want your outcome to be?


Almon is all about giving people access to information so they can make the right decisions. With three books under his belt, Almon’s writing brings the positive thoughts in and positive actions out. His books are tools to guide his readers to maximize their potential.

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With his powerful speeches and thought-provoking messages, Almon is dedicated to inspiring others. Almon’s positive thoughts, tenacity and drive make his speeches stick out from the rest. He cuts through the noise and keeps it real.

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